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Weight Loss


Dr.-Supervised RAPID Weight Loss


This program is for those who are seriously-serious about getting that weight OFF!  Chiro-Thin is a Doctor-supervised program that requires weekly check-in and is very strict and intense.  If you're committed to do exactly  what the program requires, then you WILL lose 20+ lbs in 6 weeks!  This program will actually reset your metabolic rate, STOP all carbohydrate cravings and reprogram you MIND about how much food is enough and what you consider GOOD food.  However, those things will only happen if you commit to YOURSELF to follow the program to the letter.  We are so sure you CAN do it, that if you do not lose 20+ lbs in 6 weeks , we will offer you another 6 weeks at 75% off!  (But you will not be needing that!)  You may be interested to learn this program does NOT allow exercising.  That's right, no exercise until after the 6 weeks is over... now you're curious, aren't you?!


Dr.-Supervised Pediatric Weight Management



Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic.  We understand the frustration parents face today trying raise a healthy child  surrounded by challenging food choices.  Dr. Amy is understanding, here to be your advocate, emotional support, and go-to adviser for setting you child up for a safe and effective healthy weight management program.  The emotional aspects of body-image in children are a delicate matter and we are here to SUPPORT your child in a successful health journey!



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