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Gentle Care

Our care is designed to make you comfortable.  Dr. Amy is extremely good at making sure you feel safe, and at ease.  Our patients often comment about how well Dr. Amy listens to their concerns.  Our top priority is making sure we know how we can best treat YOU!  Dr. Amy is proficient in Diversified, Thompson Drop Table, SOT, Activator and Myofascial Release techniques.




New Born Chiropractic

Dr. Amy has been called the 'baby whisperer' by many parents ~ and for good reason!  If your baby is crying all the time, not sleeping, not a good eater, or not keeping food down (or any other crazy thing that doesn't seem right to you,) we highly recommend a FREE consultation.  You do not have to make a decision about getting your baby treated right away.  Find out what Dr. Amy thinks, know your options, and feel confident before you make any decision.  This is YOUR baby and your instincts will guide you... but we are here to help your baby (and YOU) feel better!




Maternal Chiropractic

We think pregnancy is AWESOME!!! A woman's body has the amazing, beautiful, magnifecient, and awe-inspiring ability to create new life, and we stand humbled by it all!  That being said... pregnancy sucks for a lot of moms!  There are so many changes happening so fast that your skeletal and muscle systems struggle to keep up.  Dr. Amy has worked with moms at all stages of pregnancy and will help you map out a good plan to keep you feeling as awesome as this moment in your life should be!  It might help you feel good to know Dr. Amy was Chiropractor to a mom who delivered Quadruplets!  She really CAN help you have a wonderful pregnancy!  Come check us out!




Kiddo Chiropractic

Children are active!  They GO, GO, GO... and they fall, trip, bump and bruise as they learn about balance and the world around them.  Their bodies are changing very rapidly.  In Dr. Amy's opinion, children need Chiropractic care more than anyone.  They are growing.  They can grow straight and true, or grow INTO an alignment problem.  Imagine a sapling tree that is bent and never corrected... it will grow bent.  Get your kids checked!  There is NO CHARGE to get a check-up!




Nutrition Counseling

We believe in the idea that 'we are what we eat.'  Our lives are filled with poor food choices and there are so many diet options these days, it's hard to know what to eat!  Diet books are everywhere, but we find patients struggle to do them because the recipes are so involved and/or time-consuming.  We can tailor a meal plan for you that is easy for 'real people' to follow.  Whether you want to lose weight, make sure you are eating a well-balanced meal, eat for an outcome ~ like glowing skin or radiant eyes, or just wanting to be healthy... we are ready to work WITH you to achieve your goals!  It is easier than you think to get the results you desire!  (And we will hold your hand every step of the way!)

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic.  We understand the frustration parents face today trying raise a healthy child, when they are surrounded by challenging food choices.  Dr. Amy is understanding, here to be your advocate, emotional support, and go-to adviser for setting your child up for a safe and effective healthy weight management program.  The emotional aspects of body-image in children are a delicate matter and we are here to SUPPORT your child in a successful health journey!


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