Auto Accidents


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Auto Accidents


Auto Accidents are SCARY!

Getting the help you need shouldn't be!!!
When you, or a loved one, are involved in a car accident it can be overwhelming.  First of all, you are in a lot of PAIN!  But, your car is messed up, the insurance company keeps calling, you feel like there's a million things to deal with... and all you can think about is how you wish you could crawl into a big hole and hide! PLEASE allow us to be that hiding place.  We understand ~ We've been there ~ We can help!

We help accident victims every day.  We will escort you through the dynamics of the crazy insurance details AND get you feeling better FAST!  We have an entire network of doctors, all of whom are extremely experienced with post-accident patients, to ensure you get the best care possible.

We are able to offer Chiropractic, Decompression, Physical Therapy, Massage, and refer for x-rays, MRI, Medical Pain Management, Counseling for post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), and anything else you may require.

We work with many patients who are using an attorney.  We (and our referral network providers) ARE willing to work on an attorney lien.  That means for qualified cases, you are able to get the care you need with NO upfront cost to you.  The Doctors get paid from the settlement after the attorney works with the insurance companies on your behalf.

If you are considering an attorney to help you navigate post-accident details, but unsure who to trust, we know several we trust and are happy to offer you their information.


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